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Kraimer Kreative DVD Transfer/Authoring, Web Design, Audio/Video editing and production


DVD Transfer/Authoring, Web Design, Audio/Video Editing and Production

DVD Transfer/Authoring

For the best quality we recommend you transfer only one hour of video to each DVD, however each disc will hold two hours of video. Because the difference in quality is negligible and it is our goal to give you the best value for your dollar, our transfers are based on two hours of video per DVD. If you prefer to only have one hour of video on each disc please let us know when placing your order.

Tape to DVD (2 hours or less per tape)
Digital 8 to DVD
Hi 8 to DVD
Video 8mm to DVD
Mini DV to DVD

Note: Additional tapes added to one DVD (when tapes total less than 2 hours) or additional DVDs needed per tape longer than two hours is an additional $9.99 per tape or disc.
Example1: Two tapes (less than 2 hours in length total) on one DVD = $29.98.*
Example2: One four hour tape transferred to two DVDs = $29.98.*
Example3: One two hour tape split into two DVDs with an hour of video on each = $29.98.*

8mm Film to DVD

Regular 8mm or Super 8mm
15 cents per captured foot
$2.00 per film reel
$19.99 per DVD

(~1600 feet of film per DVD)
Kraimer Kreative uses a frame-by-frame capture process that captures your film as a 720x480 DV AVI file before the transfer to DVD which gives you get a high quality flicker-free playback of your films on your Kraimer Kreative DVD!

*All prices for services do not include tax and/or shipping and handling where applicable.

Kraimer Kreative Price List
Kraimer Kreative

Photo DVD
Memory Cards
Computer HDD
Digital Downloads


Photo DVD
Seventy-five (75) pictures and two (2) songs, includes pan & zoom editing, and automatically plays when inserted into your DVD player, only $149.99.*

(Songs must be supplied by the customer, extra pictures and songs optional with added charges.)

Memory cards/Flash drives/Digital download/HDD to DVD
$19.99 for first file, then $1.99 per additional file, and $4.99 per additional card/drive, (2 hours max/DVD).

Example: Two SD cards with four video files each: $19.99 (1st file, 1st card) + $5.97 (3 extra files) + $4.99 (for the 2nd card) + $5.97 (3 extra files) = $36.92.*

Scan Photos or 35mm Slides
We scan (600 dpi) - 79 cents per photo, 99 cents per 35mm slide.
You scan - 39 cents per photo or 35mm slide.

Photo restoration services.
Photo restoration - before

Photo restoration - after

Edit your own video (save to HDD, SD, etc., or upload)
Would you like to edit your own video? We'll get it to a digital format of your choice, AVI or MOV (for the best quality, other formats in lower quality are available) and you can use your own software to edit. At $9.99 per tape, or other media at the cost listed above. You supply the media (HDD, SD, etc.) to save to. If needed on a data DVD, the first disc from each media source is an additional $9.99 and each extra disc per tape is $4.99.

One hour of video in AVI format is a 13GB file and each data DVD holds 4GB. Files less than 20GB can be uploaded for secure download for $9.99 plus 99 cents per GB (or any part of a GB) over 10GB.

Album/Cassette to CD (or digital file)
$9.99/CD for full album or cassette (70 min max per CD).
For select individual tracks from albums or cassettes add $1.99 per track.
Kraimer Kreative
Audio/Video Production (editing)/Photo Repair
$75.00/hour (or any portion of an hour)
Web Design, Voice Overs, Business Presentations/Marketing DVDs
To best serve you in these areas please call for quote (612) 234-7525
Accepted formats include: Secure Digital (SD), CompactFlash (CF), Memory Stick/Flash drive, Digital download, CDR, DVD±R, and HDD
*All prices for services do not include media storage/transfer fees, tax and/or shipping and handling where applicable.

DVD Transfer/Authoring, Web Design, Audio/Video Editing and Production