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Kraimer Kreative DVD Transfer/Authoring, Web Design, Audio/Video editing and production


DVD Transfer/Authoring, Web Design, Audio/Video Editing and Production

Links 'n Stuff

Everything from our Kreations to other Kreative people and places on the web




Our Websites

Websites we designed or maintain

C. Willi Myles - America's Everyday Comedian

American Sewing Guild - Western WI Indianhead Chapter

Daniel Dacey - Full Service Painting

Grant County Shooters

Hooked on Fairies - Fairy Garden accessories

Minneapolis Umpires Association

Northwestern Fruit Co.

Our YouTube channel with more videos

Other Websites

From other talented people

The Acting Biz

A Time For Expression

DJ Earworm Mashups

DVB Media (dupeshop.com)

Museum of Broadcasting

Splash FM - Gen X Radio

Listen to Splash FM online now by clicking here

The Stand Up Foundation

Sonny Warner Voice Talent

NUTS, ltd

NUTS, ltd is my talent agency. "At NUTS, ltd. [they've] assembled and nurtured the best selection of on-camera and voice-over talent available in the Midwest. For broadcast, non-broadcast, live event, or other production needs [their] Non-Union Talent Service will carefully and quickly pair the perfect talent with the project."

Please call for a custom audio or video demo featuring your company, (612) 234-7525.

DVD Transfer/Authoring, Web Design, Audio/Video Editing and Production